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Resources on COVID-19 for community health workers

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We know it’s vital that community health workers (CHWs) have enough information and resources to support their clients and communities during these uncertain times. Which is why we worked with CHWs in Southern Africa to create COVID-19 content for our mobile phone app, Boost. Providing clear, accurate and visual information they can trust.

Alongside our other content on HIV and sexual health, we have a suite of activities (including a slideshow, quiz and other interactive content) to help community health workers learn the basics of COVID-19.

As with all our Boost content, these activities were co-created with community health workers and peer educators in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. They told us what the main confusions, misconceptions and information needs are around COVID-19 for them and their communities.

 “We are very confused about this COVID-19, can you tell us the actual signs and symptoms.” – Reuben, community health worker, in Zimbabwe

“It’s not always possible to find a reliable source of information. Those with smart phones but without internet data won’t be able to access the information when they need it, so Boost will be the best application to access this kind of info easily." – George, community health worker in Zimbabwe

Boost is free to access and can be downloaded for offline use.

Preview of COVID-19 content available on the Boost app

All our information on COVID-19 will be regularly updated, to ensure that community health workers have the latest information to give to their clients and communities.

Other resources

Our Boost Facebook group provides an additional space for discussion and interaction, where community health workers can ask questions and get support from their peers.  

If you’re thinking of rolling out Boost with your organisation’s community health workers we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch to access other benefits of using Boost for your organisation.

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Last updated:
13 January 2022