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Our impact

Despite being a small charity, we reach a lot of people – over 22.4 million in 2019-20.

We are valued by professionals as well as the general public, and we use innovative ways to reach those who need our information the most. We understand that making progress on HIV faces many barriers, including stigma and other social issues, and we engage people to challenge these barriers and change social norms. We also believe that civil society plays an essential role in the HIV response, and are committed to working in partnership to achieve our goals.

Find out more about the impact our work is having below.

Group of young people smiling
Every day around 60,000 people from every corner of the world will turn to Avert for information and support.
Young Voices animation
We believe digital communication provides new opportunities to reach people who are most at-risk with tailored information on HIV and sexual health.
Young guy looking happy
We engage with a range of partners across the HIV response, and invest in digital communication projects with local and national organisations in areas hard hit by HIV.
Girl with t-shirt saying 'show me everything you got'
No person should experience stigma or discrimination, and we address HIV stigma, homophobia and gendered attitudes through our digital channels.
Last updated:
02 June 2021