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HIV and AIDS Quiz

Think you know everything there is to know about HIV and sex? Try our quizzes and find out!

Learning about HIV and sex should be fun, interactive and enjoyable.

Whether you want to challenge yourself to a quiz, or are a teacher looking for ways to get your students engaged in the classroom, our quizzes are here to help.

illustration of people holding condom
Put yourself to the test, with our condoms quiz.
finger prick test illustration
Get to grips with the who, what, when, where and how of HIV testing.
african couple in bed
Take our transmission quiz to see if you can tell the facts from the myths when it comes to HIV. 
woman taking pill
Think you know about antiretrovirals? Take our quiz to see if you are on top of the latest in HIV treatment.
illustration of people wearing face masks
Take our quiz to see if you have got all the right information about COVID-19 and how to look after your health.
Last updated:
23 October 2018