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Sex & STIs personal stories

Sex can bring with it a lot of emotions. Whether it’s your first time, or you have done it before, you need to make sure it’s something you enjoy and do safely.

Wearing a condom each and every time you have sex is one of the best ways to ensure you have fun during sex and greatly reduces your chance of getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Mistakes can happen – this is OK, as long as we know all the facts about HIV and other STIs. Getting ourselves checked out regularly is the best thing we can do for our sexual health.

Read a selection of different stories about people’s experiences with sex and STIs.

If you have your own story to tell, you can share it with us here and we'll do our best to publish it. Just let us know if you’d like to remain anonymous.

Photos are used for illustrative purposes. They do not imply the health status or behaviour on the part of the people in the photo.

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30 June 2019
Image of a smiling mixed race young man sitting among trees in the autumn
“Even if you trust the person you’re having sex with, it’s always best to protect yourself from STIs.”
Portrait of a happy woman outdoors in the park
"The solution was easy, I took the prescribed medicine and I was cured, and told him to take the medicine as well."
Teenage Boy Listening To Music And Using Phone
"No one said anything about the fact you can have sex at a young age and girls can actually become pregnant."
"I never felt that exploring my sexuality was anything to be ashamed of or something that needed justifying; it just was."
Young Indian Woman
"When I come out to people, I don't like to brand myself a certain orientation. I want freedom to experiment."
"You don't have to be promiscuous to contract an STD. It only takes one time... So please, be safe and 'wrap it up'..."
"Sex was completely unplanned, we just kinda went with it, but it didn't feel awkward or anything...we were very comfortable with each other."
A picture of a smiling woman with turquoise hair
“When we decided to pursue a sexual life together I immediately spoke to my doctor. He told me about a medication called truvada”
Young man standing against a wall holding his phone
“I knew I should have worn a condom but he swore he didn’t have anything and he seemed responsible.”
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29 November 2019
Next full review:
30 June 2019