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Visits to by region is the only global HIV and sexual health resource of its kind – providing accessible sexual health information for individuals and in-depth resources for professionals working in the HIV response.

Through our website we reached over 11.8 million people in 2019-20 with information on HIV and sexual health, and in our recent site user surveys, 81% of respondents said they learned something new during their visit and 56% also reported that they were more likely to take a specific health action as a result of engaging with our content.

Reaching those who need us most

Our public pages provide accessible information on what HIV is, how it is transmitted and prevented, how to get tested, and how to live healthily with HIV. As well as sex-positive information about sex, sexuality and STIs and sexual health for adolescents (and adults) who may not be getting useful or accurate information from family, teachers or peers.

My visit was fantastic and the information I got was very helpful. I learned a lot!

- user

Reading through testimonials of people living with HIV has really helped me to understand a lot on what they go through.

- user

Supporting professionals in the HIV response is also a vital resource for a range of professionals working across the HIV response, providing trusted information and materials they could rely on to support their work. This referenced and peer-reviewed content, covering science, social issues, programming, and global country overviews – supported by hundreds of infographics – was accessed by 3.1 million users in 2019-20.

This website continues to be a saving grace for those of us working in HIV and SRH in the African region.

- user

This was a very good and educative article. I found good material for my HIV youths and teens support group.

- user


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Last updated:
03 June 2021