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What we do

Our work supports change, so people have the knowledge to make informed choices and take control of their sexual health. By increasing knowledge, confidence, skills and evidence-based practices, our work drives improvements in individual health literacy, self-efficacy and uptake of services, and quality of community and local health worker responses.

We work with a range of partners and digital organisations, and most importantly with our users, to shape the content and products we produce. We focus on locations and communities where HIV continues to have a profound effect on health and development.

A group of young women taking a selfie
Our 2021-24 strategy focuses on addressing the knowledge gaps among individuals, local educators and primary practitioners.
Group of children in Zambia
We work with a wide range of partners and are keen to increase our engagement with other organisations sharing similar aims.
Group of young people smiling
Despite being a small charity, we reach a lot of people – over 22.4 million in 2019-20.
Three women smiling together
Avert's recent Annual Reports.
Group of young people smiling
Avert believes that empowered people are informed people, able to take action to look after their sexual health.
Last updated:
28 May 2021